Social Media is a Highlight Reel

I’m not much of a professional sports fan, but I found this short post-game interview video this morning and thought it was on point and worth sharing. The interview goes on to focus around the importance of embracing failures but I wanted to focus on the first 20 seconds.

Your social media timelines and newsfeeds are “highlight reels” that don’t make you feel any better nor do they help you focus on the process vs. the goals. No one likes to post about their failures, so all you tend to see are “overnight successes” without any footage of the hard work and mistakes made behind the scenes. I’ve often found myself comparing my Stage 1 to someone else’s Stage 10 and assuming that I’m doing something wrong when I haven’t even put in any hard work.

I don’t regret my decision 6 months+ ago to install a Chrome Extension that blocked my Facebook Timeline on desktop. I’m not perfect, and I occasionally check the timeline on my mobile phone when I’m in a morning commute. As an extrovert, it’s a tough feeling to feel a bit disconnected to what’s going on in your friend’s lives.

The flip side is that it’s a great feeling to catch up with individuals and genuinely chat about life updates vs. secretly already knowing everything about their lives from social media posts.

Drastically cutting down social media usage has also helped me focus for longer periods of time without distraction and achieve deeper states of workflow. Try cutting down on your usage and see how it affects your productivity and your mental health.

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