Kevin Lee

👋 Hi, I'm Kevin.

I run a better-for-you food CPG company that's launching in late 2020. Previously, I worked in various roles across early-stage VC, product management, and finance.

I write about personal growth for creators.

Here’s what kind of content you can expect by signing up for my e-mail list:

  • [Personal] How to operate at your best: I study the world's most interesting people and develop frameworks for personal development. I'm specifically interested in the topics of: mindful productivity, cognition + metacognition, 80/20 health habits, and effortless creativity. I'll share all my learnings and practices that have dramatically improved the quality of my performance.
  • [Growth] How to build a business from the ground up: I'm building my second company in a new industry - food & beverage. My co-founder and I have no prior domain experience and we learned everything from: researching food science, raising venture capital, designing our brand, working with a manufacturer, building an engaged community, and managing a public launch. I build in public and you'll learn everything that I know about marketing, hiring, culture-building, operations, product management, and more.
  • [For Creators] How to build a creator mindset: A decade ago, I changed the trajectory of my life by shifting from a consumer to a creator. By developing a consistent creation habit, I bootstrapped a six figure revenue education media company that's 99% automated. Since then, I've also launched a selection of fun projects like a published Amazon best-selling book on Quora marketing, a site of Asian dessert recipes and chef interviews, and a template starter kit to host a digital music festival with friends. I love building and I encourage others to become creators. I'll teach you how to rapidly validate and ship your own ideas.

Let’s create together.