Kevin Lee

👋 Hi, I'm Kevin.

I write about personal growth for creators.

Everyone has the capacity to create. As a generation fortunate to have access to the internet, we have the tools and resources to build anything we desire and make a living doing what we love. 

I've spent the past decade creating everything from side projects to companies. Through all of my successes and failures, I’ve learned a simple rule: The limit of any creation lies in the capacity of the creator.

If you want your creations to achieve their maximum impact, you need to first invest in your own personal growth.

Here’s what you can expect to learn by signing up for my e-mail list:

  • Creator Mindset: I used to be a daydreamer. By following my favorite internet creators, I was inspired to let go of my limiting beliefs, start my first bootstrapped business, and become a high-agency individual. I’ll teach you how to develop a creator mindset and rapidly validate your ideas.
  • Personal Development Frameworks: I study the world's most interesting people to develop actionable personal development frameworks around metacognition, mindful productivity, 80/20 health habits, and effortless creativity. I share successful frameworks that have dramatically improved the quality of my performance. Think of me as your personal performance coach.
  • Entrepreneurship: I'm building my current company in the food & beverage consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. Given no prior domain expertise, I've had to apply personal development frameworks to quickly learn the industry from first principles. You'll get an inside look into how I've improved my strategic thinking, decision making, and execution across company functions like marketing, hiring, product management, culture building, and more.

The future belongs to those who create. Let’s create together.