Kevin Lee


I believe everyone is creative and I want to help more people become creators. My social mission is to accelerate human progression through Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Helping people move towards self-actualization is a very broad problem, which should keep me busy and excited for the rest of my life.

I'm currently focused on the food / health / nutrition stacks by building a new better-for-you food CPG company. I have no previous experience in the food industry but I'm learning publicly and enjoying every step of the way.

Previously, I worked in venture capital, product management, and finance. I'm also a small personal investor in ~20 companies and 4 funds, all run by friends building good things for society.

It took me a long time to break the mindset that I wasn't creative. Over the past decade, I've explored my own creativity and created projects that have hopefully brought value to others.

A few creations that I really enjoyed working on:

  • Product Manager HQ: Started as a blog. Grew into a 30k subscriber newsletter that's sent out 5mm+ e-mails, and built the world's first and largest online PM community. Has helped thousands learn more about product management, land PM jobs, and further their product careers.
  • Quora Domination: My first time writing a self-published book. I'd previously used Quora to drive 1mm+ organic visits to other projects so I worked with a friend to write a book teaching others how to do the same. It was a Product Hunt #1 Book of the day and peaked as an Amazon Best Seller #3 in the Advertising / Marketing category. After many years of listing on Amazon, the Amazon algorithm now hilariously thinks that the book is part of a sexual fantasy domination book series. I had a good laugh when that happened and it's a reminder to not take life so seriously.
  • DIY Music Fest: It was really fun to create this. During quarantine, I got tired of repetitive weekends so I worked with my partner to create a virtual music festival with some friends. We had a nice landing page but didn't want to keep paying for hosting. Had some great reception on Product Hunt and we left the free template up if you're interested in hosting your own.

I support education wherever possible. I've spent most of my life teaching (both professional and for the youth) and have been involved as a board member for the SF Creative Arts Charter School and Tandem Partners in Early Learning.

These days, I'm heads down building my new company. I've learned a lot from people on Twitter (@kevinleeme) and try to pay it forward by teaching everything I know. I also write regular tweetstorms [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] on creativity in efforts to inspire more people to become creators. I expand on these tweetstorms on this website.